We offer third party property inspections for property managers, owners, landlords and renters.

Why hire a Certified Home Inspector for your property management inspections?

A certified home inspector will give you experienced advice you need to make wise decisions about property management. No home is perfect. You will be better equipped to prioritize which minor issues to repair and fix issues that may lead to major problems

A certified home inspector has a broad knowledge of a home’s systems and structures, not just a specialized person such as a plumber or electrician

A certified home inspector will inform you of the property’s current condition (safety, installation, maintenance) and can give you recommendations for upgrades. Upgrading your properties can reduce long-term maintenance concerns. For example, upgrading older homes with GFCI outlets to prevent shock or changing old multi turn valves to reduce the chance leaks

A certified home inspector is unemotional and impartial about the property and will ensure an objective inspection

A good certified home inspector is open to discussion, prompt with reporting, and a member of an inspection organization.

Some other benefits for property managers and owners –

– Reduced property managers workload
– Increased revenue
– Decreased operation costs
– Reduced property management and renter disagreements
– Reduced maintenance calls
– Improved renter retention
– Improved rental owner satisfaction
– Decreased mold liability
– Concise data for cost forecasting
– Knowledge of the true condition of the property
– Increased quality inspections to the home owner

A Property Management Inspection in Hawaii may take about 2-5 hours depending on type of inspection and size and complexity of the home.

You will receive a report by email within 24 hours from end of inspection in an easy to read format with color photos

Types of Property Management Inspections Offered:

– Acquisition Inspections – This inspection is similar to a buyer/seller home inspection. All components will be inspected and you will know the current condition of the home before you take control of home.

– Periodic Inspections –Periodic inspections will focus on structure, roofing, plumbing and electrical components. Thermal imaging and moisture meter technology will be used. I will inform property manager/owner of any issues that need attention and report any obvious maintenance issues during the walk through. For example, while checking the bathroom plumbing, I will report if bathroom is not being maintained properly (dirty or damage to area).

– Move-in/Move-out Inspections – Move-in inspections identifies any issues prior to tenant move-in and Move-out inspections identifies issues other than wear and tear when tenants move-out

– Life, Health and Safety Inspections – These inspections focus on issues with electrical, plumbing, structure, moisture intrusion, cleanliness and egress that may cause physical harm or health issues.

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